Author Topic: How to setup the Logitech g19 g19s lcd to display ventrilo user image.  (Read 4591 times)


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I've looked around on the internet trying to find a guide on how to setup the user(s) profile image to display on the Logitech g19s keyboard. I found people talking about it, but not how to set it up. So I decided to make a little guide on how to setup Ventrilo to display the user(s) profile pic when they transmit.

First. You will need to open the Ventrilo settings window. Go to the Global Tab. Check the box that says Logitech Game Panel LCD Support. See Pic Below.

Now Ventrilo will display on your g19s LCD screen.

Once Ventrilo is displaying on the LCD screen. Press the Menu key next to the screen. Use the Arrow keys next to LCD Screen and scroll down to Options. Select Display user picture and change it to Yes.

If you have a user logged into Ventrilo. Right click on their name and select VIEW / USER Options. See Pic Below.

After you click User Options. Click the little box with the ... in it. Make sure you click the one for Logitech Game Panel. Now you can select the image you want displayed for the user. Image size of 320 x 240 works best for the screen.

That's it. Repeat those steps for each user you want to have an image for.

Hope this helps.

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